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Join the FMT Familia

At Folklore Mexicano Tonantzin we believe in encouraging and nurturing the love for Mexican Folklore dances. Experience is not necessary to join our group as we have great teachers who provide individualized support so each student can learn at their own pace. 

Benefits of joining FMT

When you join FMT, you are not just joining another dance group. You are joining a family of dancers who train together, grow together and laugh together. We take the time to get to know each other and create a community of lifelong friendships.

We have watched as so many of our members break out of their shells and gain the confidence to perform in front of crowds, big and small. Our goal is to plant the seed of inspiration and love for our culture that will keep our traditions alive.

Supplies needed
for class

Please come to class with the following supplies: 

  • All black exercise attire

  • Water bottle

  • Hair up and out of the face

You will also need performance attire and shoes, but we will discuss this further during class time.

Responsibilities and Expectations

When you join FMT you are not only making a commitment to yourself but also to your fellow dancers. Here are a few things we expect from you when you join:

  • Be on time to class: We understand life can get busy but arriving on time and staying for the full class time is very important. Our teachers have a plan for this time and if you are not there, you may miss important information.​​

  • Come ready to learn: Paying attention during class time is key to learning and improving. As a sign of respect to your classmates, please come to class free of distractions. 

  • Always be kind: Like we've mentioned before, we are a family. We are here to encourage and motivate each other to do our best!

Class Registration

Registration for our next group opens in January of 2024.

Classes will run on a yearly basis starting in February 2024 - December 2024.

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